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San Francisco Horseback Trail Riding with Pot A Gold Stables


Horseback Rides in Beautiful San Francisco

Locations: Golden Gate ParkJohn McLaren Park

Golden Gate Park

*Limited time only! 3/29/17 - 6/30/17

Attention all San Francisco horseback riding enthusiasts. Horseback riding in Golden Gate park is finally back again. Riders have sorely missed these pristine and beautiful riding trails that provide hours of fun, peace, calm and relaxation on the back of some of the finest horses in the country. Prepare yourself for a treat as you experience this breathtaking beauty, with views of the Pacific Ocean, lush scenery and that always crisp and fresh ocean breeze.

We have rides and horses for all experience levels. The nostalgia is thick in the air, as you can feel the 130 year history of horses and horseback riding in San Francisco. Now you can experience again the more than 12 miles of trails with exciting daily guided rides.

Come ride with us now and experience for the first time in decades, the legendary riding trails at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Potagold Adventures Riding Stables is located off of 41st Ave/Chain of Lakes Dr. E. between Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and John F. Kennedy Dr.  We’ll see you on the trails…

John McLaren Park

*Limited time only! 4/2/17 - 5/20/17

Welcome to Potagold’s second San Francisco horseback riding stable at John McLaren Park. This park is the second largest in the San Francisco, second to Golden Gate Park. Just like our Golden Gate Park location, you will experience beautiful rides, presenting breathtaking scenery and pristinely fresh air, as the cares of the world just begin to melt away. There’s just something about riding a beautiful, well cared for horse, in one of the most beautiful parks in the country that makes you forget what the word “stress” even means.

Some of the features of John McLaren Park include picnic areas, game courts, a golf course, amphitheater, and an immense natural area of scenic meadows. Either before or after your ride, you will surely find plenty to enjoy, to make an entire day of it.

Experience the impressions of a simpler time when people could stop and enjoy nature around them, all on the back of a beautiful horse that is as much in tune with you and with the surroundings of the park itself. A little bit of heaven on earth awaits you as you explore John McLaren Park on horseback.

We offer rides for all ages and experience levels and really look forward to riding with you soon.



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